eHobbyAsia send over news about their latest new and hot products at the shop. Now available are the LCT AS VAL & APS APS M870 Custom Shotgun.



The AS “Val” (Avtomat Special’nyj Val, Russian: Автомат Специальный Вал or Special Automatic Rifle, code name: “Shaft”) is a Soviet designed assault rifle featuring an integrated suppressor.

It was developed during the late 1980s by TsNIITochMash (Central Institute for Precision Machine Building) and is used by Russian Spetsnaz special forces and the MVD, FSB, and select units of the Russian Army. Since 1987, it was added to the arsenal of the Soviet Army and the KGB.



LCT just release the AS VAL!!! The body, suppressor and the folding stock are made from steel make it solid and reliable. LCT also releases some information about the internal of this gun. The Motor mount of this gun are new design to fit for the real grip angle, so make the gun more realistic. The gearbox also will be fit in 9mm Bearing as it come out from the factory. So Gear box will allow much modification potential.



High Quality Airsoft replica from LCTairsoft (TaiWan) Semi/ Fully Automatic Shooting Mode Steel Construction Receiver/ Top Receiver Cover and Folding stock Steel made 320mm Outer barrel (With Built-in Front Sight and Adjustable Rear Sight) Polymer Grip and Handguard Polymer Housing 50 rounds Spring loaded magazine Folding Stock offer good maneuver around Close Quarter Combat Situation Able to take up to 7.4V Twin Type LiPo Battery (Mini Plug) into Outerbarrel (Sold separately) Metal front & rear Sling mount can be installed with single, -2 or -3 point tactical sling.

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EA custom CAM 870 MAGNUM Tactical Shotgun

EA custom Upgrade Works:
Magpul MOE polymer Handguard (Magpul462) – It is designed to provide a much-needed adaptability with the attachment of optional MOE accessories and mounts.

Magpul SGA Stock (Magpul460) – with spacer system for length of pull adjustment, improved grip ergonomics, recoil-reducing butt-pad, optional cheek risers


APS M870 Custom Shotgun

A.P.S CAM 870 Feature:

Base on the design of APM50 Cartridge Ejection Sniper Rifle. A new APS gun – CAM870M Cartridge Airsoft Marker is coming in Q1 2014. CAM870M is a Airsoft shotgun powered by Co2. Similar to our APM50, the power of the gun is coming from the cartridge itself. Each cartridge contains 12 rounds of BB that will fly out simultaneously in each shot, generate one Joule with the use of 0.2g BB.


A.P.S. CAM 870 MAGNUM Tactical Shotgun facts:
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled CO2 Gas Powered Shotgun
Magpul Polymer Stock and fore end
Metal Receiver
Able to hold 6+1 Shell Cartridge (Each Cartridge accommodate 12 rounds BB Bullet) (Package Include Two Shell Cartridge)
Each cocking will load up 1 Bullet (Each time can shot 12 round BB Bullet)
Include Co2 Charger, Catcher Bag, 50x Wad, 50x Sealing Paper

More features can be found here:




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