Here we go with another team presentation on our blog. Today we bring you the guys from Czech Army Special Forces.

CASF is a reenactment team based in Praha (Czech Republic) with focus on MilSim operations. Most they play on army training grounds in Milovice & Ralsko and on selected MilSim operations like the upcoming Border War4 event in Czech. They are 11 players current in the team and they looking for new members if you are interested! Which requirements are from interest? You have to bring knowledge about fighting in open terrain, city, buildings and another situations. The guys say, “it┬┤s like regular army training but with Airsoft guns.” ­čśë

How to make contact with them?

You can send them a mail to: or go to their website at: but the site is under construction right now and so for the moment it is the best way to contact them by their facebook site at: and like them up as well!

We┬┤ve included their new promotion video which is new & hot out now on the web and very well made. Take a look over it below!

As you can see on the follow picture gallery, the team is highly equipped and all looks like the real Czech SF. It┬┤s all about Reenactment/MilSim they say. If you wanna represent SFs soilders in the airsoft world, you have to this with love, power and you have to spend some mony to get the real good gear!!! But we don┬┤t want to say too mutch blabla about the guys because we mean – look at the video, see their nice pictures in the gallery below and you get all what you need about them! If you are interested in CASF for join their team or simply meet them for a game – make contact with them or visit them on Boarder War4 the end of April if you be there as well. You can also read a article about the guys at


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