We are military-airsoft unit 3./ Jägerbataillon 371that imitates present modern German Bundeswehr infantry, both in gear and equipment. Our unit started up in 2002 and our members come from Říčany u Prahy and surroundings. In 2006 we joined Bundeswehr Alliance. We usually get involved in military-airsoft maneuvers, such as Protector, Afghanistan, Machtergreifer campaign ( members of Heer Allianze) and others.

Our priority is especially the most accurate training simulation, geer and equipment of our pattern, Jägerbataillon 371, which incorporates in IdZ programme (Infanterist der Zukunft, Soldier of the future). In July 2007 Jägerbataillon 371 was renamed to Panzergrenadierbataillon 371, nowadays taking part in north Afghanistan mission.

Standard equipment consists of field uniform in camo flectarn and field boots BW 2000. Ballistic protection is secured with armour vest fully equipped with aramid plates, SK1 and SK4, trauma plates and Kevlar helmet Schubert M826 with mount in NVG Lucie and low –profile ballistic glasses EPS 21 with exchangeable lenses. For carrying munition we use original tactical modular vest carrier. This vest is configured by each member with respect to everyone´s needs. Common to everyone is back and front part for electronics, with possibility to hold pouches for mags, universal pouches and pouches on hand grenades or 40 mm grenades to grenade launcher and radio pouches SEM52S. Necessary is fighting knife KM 2000 hold on vest as well. For carrying necessary material we use 37 litres TT Mission Bags or 100 litres Berghaus Vulcan.

According to our pattern unit we use airsoft replicas of assault rifle G36. G36 is made by German munition-factory Heckler & Koch in G36A1 and G36A2 variants. G36A1 is equipped with the so-called dualsight – optics and collimator on carry handle. G36A2 is equipped with fore with three RIS strips with grip and LLM01 light – laser modul combined with flashlight, on carry handle with optics there is Zeiss Z-point collimator. We also have 40mm grenades 1G36, PDW tommy gun MP7A1 and Panzerfaust 3 replics, including original opticalsighting and launching system.

Our unit still takes in new members. The candidate should be older than 18. Good health and physical condition are required. We offer decent facilities; gear, equipment and training information; friendly team; adrenaline and unforgettable experiences.


Visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/3-J%C3%A4gerbataillon-371/193813153993875






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