TEN 97 Inc. is proud to announce that THE AIR FORCE RESEARCH LABORATORY (AFRL) has awarded a SBIR/AFWERX PHASE I funding grant to TEN 97 inc. (dba – BODY ARMOR VENT®️) to develop a group of potential U.S. Military customers for their unique BODY ARMOR VENT retrofit kit panels, and to secure MOU’s for same that say there is a desire/intent to purchase and use said panels with their soldiers’ plate carriers.

The rationale is that BODY ARMOR VENT panels, for the first time in the history of body armor, effortlessly (extremely light weight) and inexpensively, foster increased air movement between base layer and plate carrier, causing much more evaporative cooling under the armor than heretofore.

This cooling and evaporation keeps soldiers healthier, more aware and therefore safer while wearing all forms of armor. The panels also distribute the weight of the carriers better.

They also reduce epidermal issues caused by perspiration that does not evaporate.

You can read our AMNB Spotlight to learn more about it RIGHT HERE!

BODY ARMOR VENT®️ Web >> www.bodyarmorvent.com

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