Speed-Pack15 | A new product to the GHOSTHOOD family

The wait is over! It’s here, the brand new Speed-Pack15 from GHOSTHOOD. If you follow their social media, you maybe have seen this pack before. Teased a few times already but only in its “prototype” version, we now have it clear; the Speed-Pack15 is finally released and its available from their retailers for you already.

Speed-Pack15 GHOSTHOOD

A small but interesting detail to know is that GHOSTHOOD not only brought it to life in Concamo as you know it from their other products, it’s also available in Stronegrey olive which is a new camouflage color to the GHOSTHOOD line-up of products as never seen before! Great step in my opinion because, Stonegrey olive is a very popular color used from special police & military units all around and so it will find its way into their “basic” arsenal much easier I think.


The Speed-Pack15 is GHOSTHOODs answer to special forces operator needs for a small, lightweight and highly modular pack that is often needed for direct action missions to carry just the essentials you need to have with you to get the job done!
Speed-Pack15 GHOSTHOOD
Manufactured from 560den CORDURA Laminate, the pack only weights 435gr., providing 15l of storage room but at the same time, it also offers a strong and solid construction in this lightweight package.
Keeping the modularity for you as high as possible, they designed it with 140 laser cut MOLLE on the outside an 75 on the inside from the pack. You run it, you prep it as the mission requires it!

The pack is optimized for usage with a plate carrier what means; less padding on both the straps and back area on the pack itself. If you think this isn’t a benefit, you better think twice!

Speed-Pack15 GHOSTHOOD

The Speed-Pack15 can be used as a “one sling” bag or as a kind of “chest-rig” if you like to. All you need to convert it is already included. Means; you just need to use the straps!

As you know it from all of their products, the Speed-Pack15 provides you with full IRR protection on both, Concamo Green and Stonegrey olive. As seen in the picture above, the IRR performance is outstanding. Great job!

Speed-Pack15 GHOSTHOOD

If you got interested in what you just saw and read about, the pack is already available for example from our partner Triple Action. For more availability and insights, please check the GHOSTHOOD website & socials. Just follow the link below.

Gear up from Triple Action >> www.tripleaction.de/ghosthood-pack

GHOSTHOOD Web >> www.tactical.ghost-hood.com