BFC Inc. send us over their newsletter for October 2014. This time they highlight the revolutionize technology Helium Whisper®. Learn more about it below!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Helium Whisper® technology revolutionizing pouch attachment systems.


So, what is it? Helium Whisper is a MOLLE compatible attachment system that combines a single piece back panel design with an ultra-light, extremely durable, high performance proprietary laminate called ULTRAcomp™. What’s the point? The point is that this design.

  • drastically reduces the number of parts needed for MOLLE attachment
  • minimizes the potential for errors and weak points
  • is easier to produce

…and most of all, is lighter than any other pouch attachments system available.

Watch this video to see what we’re talking about and see why we’re making a big deal out of it!

Follow >>this link<< and scroll down the site a bit to see the product video.

To purchase a product made with Helium Whisper technology, visit our website, one of our authorized dealers, or a licensed Helium Whisper manufacturer!!


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