A Lighter & More Versatile Sling Hardware

The Molded Universal Wire Loop™ brings the unparalleled versatility of the Universal Wire Loop (UWL) with a lighter more cost effective assembly. The Molded UWL™ allows for a Vickers Sling or other slings 1.25” or thinner to attach to eyelets, slots, rail holes, or other unique mounting points on weapons.

Molded UWL

The Molded UWL™ features the same military proven nylon coated air craft grade stainless steel cable crimped into a nylon 6-6 body – the same military grade non-reflective material as used in the Vickers Sling.

Molded UWL

The inner features a push button socket for use with any standard push button sling swivel if desired. 

Grab yours >> www.blueforcegear.com/molded-uwl


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