So, AA is back on track with Issue 137, and what a month it has been for the crew!

We’re pleased to report that family members from Ukraine are now safe and once again we can only thank our Polish colleagues for all their assistance, support and friendship. Our prayers go out to all those still caught up in the horrific humanitarian crisis and our heartfelt support goes to all those Ukrainians still fighting so bravely for their freedom.

Airsoft Action Issue 137

As much as we feel somewhat guilty about saying it in light of our comments above, it’s been a fabulous month for Airsoft Action as we retook the coveted BEST AIRSOFT MAGAZINE 2022 in the Players Choice Awards last weekend! This is a both a vindication of our FREE TO READ digital format but also a recognition of a the very hard, high-quality work done by all the AA LEGION members around the globe in the adverse conditions of the past couple of years!

So what have we got for you this month? …A LOT!

Three main gun reviews: Bill gets to grips with the thoroughly modern ARES X CLASS, takes a very close look at the “daddy of the SMG”, the MP18 from Snow Wolf and Jimmy gets bang up-to-date with the very latest CXP MARS II from ICS.

Red Cell got out the BFGs and put BBs downrange with their selection of support guns (some didn’t stand up to The Cell’s abuse) and Dan follows this up with a very, very special PKM build in our Tech section!

We finish our IWA 2022 coverage with Bill’s look at the latest cutting-edge gear he saw in Germany, whilst Stewbacca celebrates in Taiwan at the MOA CAMPFEST and also brings in his account of the first Shooting Centre Shooting Cup of the year.

Of course we’ve got our usual features as our Legionnaires discuss their choice of optics in THE CAGE, Frenchie looks at how retailers are faring as we emerge from the C-Virus, we bring things full circle in TOD, the new MAPA gear from Gunfire gets put under the microscope, and Bill introduces some righteous new range gear from OUTRIDER TACTICAL.
All in all it’s a jam-packed Issue full of reviews, news, and opinion (LOTS of opinion!) but we sincerely hope that’s what you’ve come to expect from an award-winning team of airsofters… Business as usual!

For those that celebrate it, all of us at Airsoft Action wish you a very Happy Easter!

Airsoft Action is FREE TO READ on the Airsoft Action website!

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