Old school is the new school!

I like the approach from VFC (Vega Force Company) that they’re bringing us players such a lot of those “old school” boomstick designs these days. The latest to come out hopefully very very soon from their smithy is the XM177E2 based on their new GBBR system and the XM148 Grenade Launcher.

Last one is very cool in my opinion!

VFC XM177E2 & XM148 Grenade Launcher

This setup will be from high interest not only for those Vietnam era reenactors out there, collectors should have an eye out as well.

We found some “first” pictures of it over at the page from Action Airsoft Online Store and thought they are worth sharing with you too.

We’re now reaching out to VFC directly to gather more information. Stay tuned, we hope to be back with details and a release date asap!

VFC Web >> www.vegaforce.com

SOURCEAction Airsoft Online Store
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