ASG Announces their new Storm Apocalypse Airsoft Grenade.

The new STORM APOCALYPSE impact detonated BB shower grenade is now available to order! We’re starting to ship out the fantastic new STORM APOCALYPSE to Premium Retailer accounts today so ‘look for the logo’ on our website online dealermap to find your local Premium Retailer store and order yours today!

The all new STORM APOCALYPSE improves on the highly popular Storm 360 BB Shower grenade and is able to be constantly refilled to launch over 150 BBs towards your airsoft enemies. The STORM APOCALYPSE also now fits in a standard M4 type pouch, has a safety arming switch and is more sensitive when ‘armed’ , meaning its now easier to use on soft surface such as grass and carpets making it ideal for Urban AND Woodland gaming! Available in Urban Black or Hi-Vis Orange

The new Dan Wesson A2 is available to pre-order from ActionSportGames Premium Retailers!

Find your local Premium Retailer here >>


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