Check out the GRIDLOK Rail for 416s

Specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Special Operations communities who have adopted the HK416/M27 IAR platform in the U.S. and all around the world. The Strike Industries GRIDLOK Rail for 416 gives you a primary, a secondary or multiple setup options as a quick and direct handguard swap. The GRIDLOK® Rail for 416 has the SI patent pending Quick Rail Detach GRIDLOK® locking latch and mounts on using the factory HK OEM barrel nut, in seconds you can replace the HK standard rail with an outfitted GRIDLOK® as a primary handguard and use your HK rail as a secondary handguard.

GRIDLOK Rail for 416

You can outfit and setup the GRIDLOK Rail as a secondary handguard for a specific mission or you can get multiple GRIDLOK® Rail’s in different lengths to configure for different missions.

The GRIDLOK® Rail for 416 is available in four (x4) various lengths (9”/11”/14.5”/16”) and in full length top 1913 Picatinny rail (Full Duty) or front/rear Picatinny rail (Lightspeed) versions. The GRIDLOK® Rail for 416 takes innovation from the original GRIDLOK® rail but this is a 1-piece design to minimize weight and increase strength.

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