Yes, ladies and gentlemen! We proudly announce the Nomination Period for the 4th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards is now open. This year will be bigger than the previous years and we promise even bigger prizes and even more categories so that those who serve the Airsoft community will have chances to win an award.


If you haven’t read our announcement last week, we encourage more readers to send in their nominations as they get have the possibility of the having their names entered in the raffle draw twice if they also vote during the Voting Period (Nominate + Vote = twice the chance to win a raffle prize). Whilst in the last two years there were raffle prizes only Europe, now there will be a prize (or perhaps prizes for North American readers). But for now we are keeping mum before revealing what the raffle prizes are as we are still waiting for the final details of these prizes from our generous sponsors.

Now if you are impatient and want to immediately submit your list of nominees then… click here!


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