It’s about to start soon!

The biggest online event in Airsoft, the 12th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, will be holding the Virtual Awarding Ceremony on the 9th of April 2022 at 1100H BST (GMT).

You are all invited to join us and honour all the winners as well as watch the various presenters from airsoft industry, airsoft media and airsoft community introduce the finalists and announce the winners.

Airsoft Players Choice Awards


What has become the biggest online airsoft event, the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, is now on its 12th Awards Period. For a 2-month duration of the Awards airsoft players from around the world shall nominate and then vote for the best in the various awards categories.

Airsoft retailers, players, publications, manufacturers, products, blogs, communities, reviewers, videos, podcasts, and events are covered by this Awards event. Airsoft players worldwide get to vote on who they think deserve their votes and show their appreciation for those who have done a good job at serving the airsoft community.

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