Since both of these outstanding combat shirts are long on features, choosing the right one can be tough. I personally have both of em in use and I like em. To make things easier for you, UF PRO listed three key differences between them right below. Check it out and make your decision!

Combat Shirt


The X and the XT combat shirts are equals when it comes to comfort, quick drying, and high breathability. But only one is built with no-melt/no-drip material in the mix—the Striker X.

By the opposite token, if no-melt/no-drip isn’t amongst your requirements, then we’d recommend opting for the Striker XT Gen.2 (which sells at a lower price because of the absence of no-melt/no-drip materials).

Combat Shirt


The Striker X comes with a three-level Velcro closure system. Choose it if you need to minimise your risk of injury from secondary fragmentations or if you want a collar closure that’s easily adjustable to your liking.

Striker XT Gen.2 on the other hand uses a silent zipper closure-system. Choose it if you want to zip up or zip open fast and without giving off a telltale sound that reveals your position.

Combat Shirt


Both combat shirts come with air/pac® pads in the shoulders to distribute the weight of a heavy plate carrier or backpack. Additionally, both are compatible with our Flex Elbow Pads. Plus, both have upper-arm ventilation zippers that permit you to easily let in a refreshing flow of air when temperatures rise.

The tie-breaker goes to Striker X Combat Shirt with its padded sides. Get this one if you need to prevent your battle belt or other gear from blistering your hips.


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