Gunfire shows off the WE Galaxy G Airsoft Pistol and it’s features.

The shape similar to a blaster and bright colors are two elements that catch the eye of the Galaxy pistol replica from the WE brand. Underneath this specific design is an uncommon airsoft replica, which will prove itself on the airsoft field, as well as in CQB or speedsoft. The replica’s construction consists of metal and polymer elements. WE Galaxy replica is available in several color variants: purple, silver, gold, black and blue.

The airsoft gun replica from WE uses a body that is at the same time the outer barrel, in which a fixed inner barrel is placed. This solution significantly improves the focus and range of the replica. The WE Galaxy is equipped with fiber optic sights, a blowback system, a 24-bullet magazine, and additional RIS rails for mounting accessories such as lighting or optics. The manufacturer has removed the heavy lock, thus improving the economy of the replica. The WE Galaxy pistol replica offers two fire modes, single and continuous, and additional safety in the form of a hidden fuse near the trigger.

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