DA Product Spotlight – Warwick Slick Chest Rig & Shotgun Sling

The guys over at Direct Action have released a few new videos showing their products such as the Warwick Slick Chest Rig & the Shotgun Expandable Sling. Get to know them and watch the vidoes.

Warwick Chest Rig

The largest of the WARWICK® chest rig series. It is fully modular and has enough real estate to configure the rig to any type of missions, including MOUT/CQB or even RECCEE ops. This chest rig is made of proprietary laminate covered with laser cut MOLLE/PALS compatible system, without any additional utility or ammo pouches sewn onto it.

Shotgun Expandable Sling

The SHOTGUN EXPANDABLE SLING was designed as a single point sling especially for stockless breaching shotguns. The sling is made of polyamide (nylon) 1″ tubular webbing with additional elastic core. The sling is shortened by the core. The sling is mountable to any MOLLE/PALS compatible platform.

To order in the US & North/South America region: us.directactiongear.com

To order in Europe or the rest of the world: eu.directactiongear.com

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