The one and only Vickers AK Sling is back!

These will sell out quickly, so don’t sleep on your chance to snag one of these rare slings…

For the first time since 2014, Blue Force Gear made a new batch of these slings! Last time, they made an extremely limited run of these “V1” AK Slings, and they sold out in less than two days!

Vickers AK Sling

Last year, we managed to source more of the original Russian sling snap hooks, and we had them modified to fit the 1.25-inch sling webbing – the choke point of the original V1 slings. We also brought the dark brown leather back for the pull tab, a nod to the ruggedness of the slings, attachment points, and other gear of early to mid-20th century military equipment. The stamped label has been updated to be cleaner and more crisp than the original ink stamp as well.

The rest of the sling is what you have come to know and love from the Blue Force Gear Vickers AK Sling: 1.25-inch-wide solution-dyed CORDURA® webbing in both Coyote Brown and Ranger Green color options. Both colors feature the “plum” colored custom nylon hardware, another hat tip to the first iterations of polymer furniture and magazines. The rich purple color that was, at the time, the darkest color the Soviets could achieve and still reach their minimum hardness specifications.

The front snap hook is peak 1960s technology; it rattles, and you often need leverage or pliers to remove it. Though not as quiet and easy-to-use as a ULoop or UWL, these snap hooks up the cool factor and will fit on any AKM, AK-74, Krinkov, Galil, or other AK-based pattern rifle.

You could get these to fit on other firearms with eyelets, but it is not recommended.

Grab yours here >>

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