Vega Force Company Announces the upcoming release of the VR16 URG-I GBBR.

Without specific date other then September 2020, VFC has announced thru their facebook page the upcoming release of the VR16 URG-I GBBR in both Carbine and CQB Versions.

The VR16 URG-I Carbine / CQB pneumatic gun launched by VFC is a complete reconstruction of the URG-I plan for the URG-I project. Full URG-I Carbine/CQB military issue Setting Detail. The VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB GBBR is built under USASOC “upper receiver group-improved” military issue setting , make VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB appearance looks more realistic and qualify same as USASOC type.
MK 16 Type 9.3″ / 13.5″ M-LOK Rail
MK 16 type 9.3″ / 13.5″ M-LOK Rail
Rails are use with USASOC military issue 10.3″/14.5″ dummy outer barrel. The rail system could setting any scope or laser device for engage environment conversion, compatible with rail-mounted tactical accessories.
The VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB GBBR’s accessories configuration are setting under USASOC military issue style include steel CNC 4 prone flash hider, military issue length outer barrel, correctly installed dummy gas block, dedicated barrel nut and ACH type charging handle. It allows you start the airsoft battle without replacing other parts.
New Patented “GuideHOP” Adjusting Design
This time the VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB uses New Patented Concealment Hop-Up Quick Adjusting Design. You can adjusting the Hop-Up with a hex screw driver on the Gas Block Base directly. You don’t need to open anything!
For better action experience, the VR16 URG-I Carbine/CQB GBBR adopt steel material for outer actionable parts include receiver pins, bolt catch, and forward assist. Also put internal steel fire control parts and new design “non-cut level” steel hammer set with better structure to offer stability sustained fire-power for user.
Don’t forget to visit the offcial VFC website fmor more infomation on this and other releases!


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