A US SOCOM only Rifle | The M110K1

Anybody waiting for this boomstick here? The VFC M110K1 GBBR, the next generation DMR with improved performance in regards to the SR25 ECC. If you’re a GBB dude, love to MilSim/Battle Display, his rifle right here should be on your Santas list… maybe!

VFC M110K1 Enhanced Combat Carbine

The M110 SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) is a famous rifle system from the U.S. military used in Global War on Terrorism. Designed to be a standard semi-automatic precision rifle to be used by various branches and special operation forces, the M110 has largely been successful in that role and still is.

VFC M110K1 Enhanced Combat Carbine

While the U.S. Army is replacing the M110 to the H&K’s M110A1, U.S. Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) is planning to upgrade its existing M110s with the upper conversion kit called “M110K1” which is already in use with the Marine Raiders.

VFC M110K1 Enhanced Combat Carbine

The airsoft version from VFC is a nearly complete realistic replica of the real M110K1 from Knight’s Armament. They not only realistic rebuilt the SASS upgrade program, accessories and parts, but also feature full steel action parts including muzzle break, barrel, screw, pin, release button, and sling plate.

The fully CNC machined aluminum KAC URX 3.1 handguard provides a solid grip up front and rounds the overall workmanship and look just well.

The M110K1 GBBR got your interest? Great, then you should head over to the officially website from VFC to gather even more knowledge about it. We highly recommend it to you!

M110K1 Web >> www.vegaforce.com/M110K1


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