VFC 1911 Ultra Carry – Product Spotlight

Those of you who are into LARPing (not limited to, it’s just an example) stuff know about the importance of a pistol that doesn’t comes at the size of a “Desert Eagle” if you know what I mean. Concealed Carry is necessary in some scenarios and so are small guns are much appreciated. VFC (Vega Force Company) latest take in this sector is the 1911 Ultra Carry that offers you these features at a compact size.

Read about it first here on AMNB as this gun just dropped hot of the press as we speak!

VFC 1911 Ultra Carry

VFC is excited to launch the compact version 1911 this year, a premium-grade airsoft replica 1911 with performance to match – The 1911 Ultra Carry.

VFC 1911 Ultra Carry

Based on the previous released 1911 Tactical Custom, the Ultra Carry has a good and improved shooting accuracy, gasification and a smooth respond trigger squeeze and “Guide-HOP” design. At the same time, it also has a more compact size and lighter weight for you to enjoy.

VFC 1911 Ultra Carry

Users also can have more fun with a good performance out of the box VFC said. The 1911 UC is also recommended as a training tool if you want to practice “non lethal” based on your real gun.


VFC 1911 Series

VFC continues to uphold the highest standards to build this classic 1911 series. Enjoy with operating function, Doesn’t matter if you are a collector, reenactor, impressionist, sport shooter, military/law enforcement or just an avid airsoft player; the VFC 1911 series will satisfy your needs. !

And this is just the beginning… Look forward to the future developments by VFC to their 1911 family!

We’re receiving a model for testing soon, stay tuned if you want to learn even more about it.

VFC 1911 Ultra Carry


Easy to Conceal Carry for Self Defense as your daily EDC

Size matters in a concealed carry pistol. Reduced dimensions and light weight are as important as magazine capacity and power. As a classic pistol, the 1911 type pistol is also a popular choice for concealed carry.

Because of this, some firearm manufacturers have also chosen this pistol type to modify the design to make it a concealed carry weapon. The result of it – the 1911 Ultra Carry.

VFC Web >> www.vegaforce.com

More product news from VFC on our blog, can be found here!


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