The Boat Guys – “On Time, On Target, Never Quit!”

Sharing some Military related content this morning for your viewing pleasure. Featuring Special Boat Team 12, Special Boat Team 20 and Special Boat Team 22. Video by MHS Productions. Enjoy!

The special warfare combatant-craft crewmen is a United States Navy special operations force that operates and maintains an inventory of small craft used to support special operations missions, particularly those of the U.S. Navy SEALs. Individually, SEALs and SWCC go through separate specialized training programs that emphasize special operations in the maritime environment. SWCC are trained extensively in craft and weapons tactics, techniques, and procedures. Focusing on clandestine infiltration and exfiltration of SEALs and other special operations forces, SWCC provide dedicated, rapid mobility in shallow water areas where large ships cannot operate. SWCC must be physically fit, highly motivated, combat-focused, and responsive in high-stress situations.

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