New FAST™ FTC 4X is the first integrated magnifier on the market

UNITY™ Tactical, a designer of components that integrate tactical systems and optimize the human factor, unveiled the market’s first integrated 4X magnifier at SHOT Show 2024. The FAST™ FTC 4X brings the magnifier up to the established FAST height of a 2.26″ optical centerline from the rail. Integrating the mount with the optic shaves weight, increases strength and ensures streamlined functionality with no occlusion of the primary optic when stowed.


“Since launching our FAST line in 2019 we’ve aimed to expand the optic compatibility of our mounts so that discerning professionals and enthusiasts alike can benefit from an ergonomically correct heads-up posture,” said Mike Roth, vice president of business development.

Designed for use with a red dot optic mounted at the same height, the FAST FTC 4X provides ultimate picture clarity, utilizing the dot in the primary optic as the aiming reticle. This allows the shooter to quickly shift between non-magnified (stowed) and magnified (deployed). The magnifier can be mounted on multiple weapons platforms behind a red dot sight or used as a hand-held monocular.


The optical glass provides a clear and durable sighting solution while UNITY’s FTC (flip-to-center) technology allows for easy stowage when not in use. The magnifier has a field of view at 100 yards of 30.1 feet or 9.2 meters. Eye relief is 2.6 inches or 67 mm.

“We’ve built an optic of exceptional quality that comes standard with our industry-leading FTC technology, which reduces size, weight and cost by eliminating the need to purchase a separate optic and mount,” said Trent Zimmer, founder and president of UNITY Tactical. “This brings even more options to the customers of our FAST line. The FAST FTC 4X expands capability within the traditional 3x footprint all the while providing near-zero occlusion when paired with FAST height optics.”


The FAST FTC 4X will come standard in black with a FAST QD Lever and will be available for purchase in 2024. It is on display for the first time at the UNITY Tactical booth #61503 in the law enforcement ballrooms at SHOT Show 2024 now through Friday.

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