A new cutting-edge garment from UF PRO

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (21.03.2024) – UF PRO introduces the Storm Chaser Windbreaker Jacket, a cutting-edge garment engineered to provide exceptional protection against light rain and heavy winds. Weighing in at a mere 200 grams, this feather-light jacket ensures wearers remain agile and prepared for sudden weather changes.

Storm Chaser Windbreaker Jacket

Designed for ultimate weather protection, this cutting-edge garment shields wearers from light rain and heavy winds, ensuring readiness for any sudden weather changes.

At just 200 grams, the Storm Chaser Windbreaker Jacket provides feather-light comfort while maintaining exceptional performance. Additionally, its surface is treated with water-repellent properties, enhancing resistance to rain penetration and ensuring dryness and comfort in diverse weather conditions.

Storm Chaser Windbreaker Jacket

For more information regarding the Storm Chaser Windbreaker Jacket, click the link below.

Read more >> www.mehler-systems.com


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