Next Generation of UF PRO’s Top-Performing, High-Comfort Combat Shirt and Pants Available for Purchase Soon

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (May 2022)— Tactical garment innovator UF PRO today announced they will soon start selling Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt and Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants for military and law-enforcement personnel.

Striker XT Gen.3

The much-anticipated combat shirt and combat pants embody next-generation advances in tactical garment performance and comfort. UF PRO said its Striker XT Gen.3 garments were developed in response to the increasingly demanding requirements of today’s armed forces and police units.

“As the name indicates, the Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants and Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt are third-generation products with a proud heritage,” a UF PRO executive explained. “They each build on the strengths of our successful Striker XT Gen.2 line, which has become synonymous with rugged performance and remarkable comfort.

“What we have achieved with the Gen.3 line is a continuation of the excellence at the heart of all our work here at UF PRO.”

Striker XT Gen.3

Per UF PRO, key features of the Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt include:

Critical-area mesh ventilation for extreme breathability;  Fast-drying torso material for greater comfort; Breathable, air-permeable padding around the hips; air/pac® shoulder inserts for efficient weight distribution of heavy backpacks and plate carriers; Extra-long front zipper; Enhanced softness inside the collar;  Slide-in pockets to accommodate protective UF PRO Elbow Pads; Large upper-arm pockets; Velcro® fastener-secured patches and pen pocket; Long zipper with soft padding.

“Torso material clings to the wearer’s body for a perfect fit, and rapidly absorbs and dries sweat,” the company said. “3D mesh in the armpits and in the inside of the elbow joints helps wearers cool down to maintain optimal core body temperature. Breathable, air-permeable padding in the area of the pelvic crest prevents hip discomfort when carrying heavy loads, and a reinforced lower neck prevents the shirt from sliding around beneath those loads.”

UF PRO added that its signature air/pac® inserts prevent the occurrence of thermal bridging and help evenly distribute the weight of fully loaded plate carriers and heavy backpacks.

The Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt will be offered in a selection of colours. They are MultiCam®, Brown Grey, Black, Steel Grey, and Navy Blue.

Meanwhile, key features of the Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants were described by UF PRO as follows:

Striker XT Gen.3

Waist/Flex System for ensuring continuously optimal fit as the wearer’s body changes shape throughout the day; Interchangeable belt buckle; Extra Velcro® fasteners inside the belt loops; Dual points of access to a ventilated large side-pocket; Double knife-pocket with detachable retention strap; Five-level vertical adjustment system at the knees; Opening along the bottom of the knees for easy insertion of a protective UF PRO Solid Pad; Adjustable lower-leg width; Expanded use of schoeller®-dynamic stretch material for greater freedom of movement; WINDSTOPPER® liner compatibility; Boot hooks.

Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Pants will come in these colours: Flecktarn, SloCam, Brown Grey, Black, Steel Grey, and Navy Blue.

“The XT Gen.3 Combat Pants and XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt product development team pushed things to the limit in order to endow these garments with highest-level performance capabilities,” UF PRO said. “We can very confidently say that our team succeeded in that regard.”

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