Triple Action got it, the Hunter Sweater Gen.2

You need the right piece of gear when it’s to cold for a combat shirt but to warm for thermo clothing? The Hunter Sweater Gen.2 from UF PRO is what you’re looking for.  This lightweight garment provides ideal warmth on cool spring days & nights, common during early to mid-spring and again during the autumn.

Hunter Sweater Gen.2

According to UF PRO, the Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater does more than provide warmth. It’s water-repellent and 100-percent windproof, so wearers can expect to stay dry under foggy, misty, or drizzly skies and shielded from the effects of blustery breezes.

As well, body sweat that comes into contact with the sweater’s uniquely formulated, lightweight thermal lining dries so quickly that wearers may not even realize they perspired UF PRO once said about the sweater.

Got your interest? Then head over to Triple Action “home of the hot stuff” here in Central Europe and grab yours before they are sold out again!

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More shop news from Triple Action on our blog, can be found here!


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