The Bush or Boonie Hat is beloved of soldiers everywhere. It’s a very practical and comfortable bit of headgear. One thing you find is that soldiers will take the item they are issued and modify it according to their own needs. We’ve taken some of the most common modifications made to issued headgear and rolled them all into one product.

TRC Outdoors – Bush Hat

The hat itself has a 4cm brim which keeps the sun off of your eyes and/or face without blocking or channelling your field of view. It also won’t obstruct weapon optics. We’ve made the top of the hat out of the same tough mesh as our Timmy Hats so that your head is protected from the sun, but can still vent heat.

There’s a tie -on loop under the brim at the back of the hat so that you can dummy cord it to your clothing or gear to make sure you don’t lose it.

TRC Outdoors – Bush Hat

The cord to hold it in place is of a generous length so that you can wear it either under your chin or behind your head. We think this is a much more comfortable method of keeping it in place rather than using a toggle and shock-cord like some of our competitors.

Finally, inside the hat there is a hi-viz band for IFF when you’re working in dense bush. Ideal for the RE-ORG or for hunting.

This is not a cheap off the shelf hat that’s been modified. This is a fully factored product, made for us by our specialist hat manufacturer.

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