Tip Tuesday – Hard Angles


Hard Angles with Jared Reston for Aimpoint

I have worked with fixed power, low power, variable power optics, and always come back to Aimpoint red dot sight over the years. My job as a SWAT officer often demanded that I work in tight spaces and unusual angles. I opt for the short tube of a red dot sight in aiding me in navigating these spaces, as it provided no scope shadow compared to an LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic). Without having to worry about an expansive eye box, I can move around walls and hit targets found in the center room with greater accuracy.

It’s not easy, as I need to be creative in figuring out angles around vehicles or shooting from odd positions. Using an LVPO in an SBU prone position, finding that eye box will take more time than using a red dot sight because we would have to accommodate for scope shadow.

Where I really appreciate an Aimpoint red dot sight is when I’m shooting from weird, uncomfortable positions. When the buttstock is almost at my bicep, I don’t have a cheek weld and I am worrying about getting the eye box right and seeing clearly. You can get as low to the ground as possible with your head off the gun and still locate your sight and put shots on target when needed. For everyday use, it’s clear that a red dot sight has a huge advantage over an LVPO in these positions.

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