How to – visible light and NVGs at once

Our friends over at ACTinBlack dropping some knowledge bombs for you regarding the use of light and night vision goggles. Read below and learn something how to do it right on your next adventure.

In any situation you should always be aware of the light around you and the light you bring along. This includes your shadow and the difference between IR and visible light.
Situational awareness of light sources is key! Furthermore there’s no point to be a ninja warrior in the darkness and stumble over an obstacle making loads of noise.

If your image intensifiers are at they limit, slow down and consider the impact and use of IR lights for navigation. The psychological impact of bright lights on entry is well known, but it is worth a consideration for entering without white light depending on excepted opposition. For white lights we have tested various setups and recommend @modlitesystems for high power handheld and rifle mounted solutions. NVGs with modern autogated PSU will be able to handle the light of LED flashlights well enough, though you might create a shadow depending on duration of the exposure.

~”A tube will handle the use of bright light better and faster than your eye so it might be of advantage to keep one eye under NV.”

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