Only the finest gear awaits you…

If you’re into MilSim, you have heard about DEVTSIX and the community before. Reenactment and Battle display at a level of detail where you can’t tell the difference of real or fiction! The guys do a very well job and pay a lot of attention into their kits. Most of it is the real deal but some stuff is repro.


When it comes down to reproductions, the airsoft market is full of it but play it smart young Padawan! You better pay attention to what kind of stuff you actually go and spent money on!


Therefore, the guys at DEVTSIX use their expertise and launched their own store and included the right gear from manufactures you can’t go wrong with. They’ve started with lots of stuff to put on your BB Blasters first.

Here’s a sneak-peek for your viewing pleasure.


If these pictures spoiled you a bit, and you probably just saw something you have been looking for already, head over and discover the full display. Happy shopping…

Store >>

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