When you saw the cover of this issue, you were probably as surprised as we were when we heard about a company in the States who were fitting airsoft M60s to a restored, Vietnam-era, OV-10 Bronco!


We had to find out more and you will find the full story, told by the guys themselves, along with more pictures of what they have achieved, inside. Back on the ground, Issue 107 is (as always) packed with articles covering everything from the latest RIFs, including the stunning LCT AK-12, kindly loaned to us by RedWolf Airsoft and some excellent ‘Namsoft ARs from JG, courtesy of TaiwanGun. Kit & Gear-wise, we have full updates on the latest from both Helikon-Tex and Viper (two companies really pushing forwards with new products, designs and ideas), plus boots, holsters, camo, torches, masks and even a real-steel bipod! Steve T puts a range of gasses through their paces, writes about Life With An AEG and also looks for appearences of the Minigun on screen, while Bill pits Ingram against UZI and Frenchie takes a look at early M16s and lets off steam in Last Post. That’s about it for this one, we hope you enjoy the read – and the variety!

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