Join Travis Haley as he recaps the actions from back in the day, a battle he got well known for on You Tube shooting from that troop top (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). In this video, it’s about celebrating heroes from this day… not villain’s. Enjoy watching!

War is hell. Especially when things don’t go the way they are planned for both the puppets and the puppet masters.

I post this not to stir up the past but to plan for our future. Maybe you’re like me and have children joining the US military to fight for our country’s freedom. This is why we should be thinkers first. We should not blindly trust, but to question everything so that we, our children and the generations after can be as prepared and self reliant as possible. So much happened in the days that led up to the two day battle in Najaf, Iraq and the days that followed. Despite everything that happened, we were only left with unanswered questions:

  • Why did this attack happen in the first place?
  • Why was it one of the largest insurgent assaults in the war?
  • Why did General Sanchez say, “They’re just contractors, Sir. They’re simply making a big deal over this.” Why was no one allowed to communicate with each other?
  • Why were generals and politicians all of the sudden fighting over what to do in the capitol?
  • Why did Ambassador Bremer authorize us to go in and “Get our people out by any means necessary” and protect us from the Geneva Convention rules of war?
  • Why was the Spanish company of troops on the ground told to stand down?
  • Why were Spanish troops threatened with a court-martial if they fired another shot, leaving us with very few men left to fight against thousands?
  • Why were coalition gunships and fighter/bombers pulled out when Americans were in extreme contact?
  • Why were Medivacs denied by the coalition commander when US troops were severely wounded?
  • Why did Blackwater Air have to do the extremely dangerous Medivac with no support from the US military to get their own out?

We may never know the rest of the story, but one thing is for certain. When a very small team of Blackwater PMCs and the Baghdad BW “AssMonkey” AIR teams were activated, the puppet masters’ plans were certainly foiled. When it comes to the Battle of Najaf and the Iraq War as a whole, knowing what we know now, what would we do differently? WE SHARE. We are not “Silent Professionals”. There has never been such a thing in the Warrior community. We are “Quiet Professionals”.

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