Mastering the Three Pillars of Military Camouflage! An article by SOFREP

What comes to mind when you talk about camouflage? If you imagine a sniper dressed in the ragged edges of a ghillie suit, you’re only scratching the surface. The real deal of camouflage is a beast of a different nature, far more complex than just slapping on some face paint and calling it a day.

A soldier wearing a ghillie suit top during marksmanship training (Image source: DVIDS)

It’s an art, a damn fine one at that, weaving together a tapestry of techniques and know-how, all with the single-minded aim of becoming a ghost on the battlefield.

This isn’t just about blending in; it’s a high-octane dance with deception, a craft honed in the crucible of combat where the stakes are nothing less than survival itself.

Diving deep into the heart of camouflage, this piece rips through the veil, exposing the triad of principles that stand as the backbone of this essential military craft: the visual, the movement, and the sound.

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