Ever checked out the BITE Mag from LayLax?

If you are looking for a great magazine holder for your SMG, the BITE Mags from LayLax pretty much fit all different types! Great retention and polymer construction, they fit on your belt, chest rig, plate carrier, pretty much almost anywhere you can put pouches!


Polymer material build with high impact resistance and excellent smooth finish for quick and easy magazine drawing.
The Bite Mag SMG supports a variety of long SMG-type magazines and are designed for simple magazine drawing to avoid fumbling your reloads. This makes tactical reloads much more efficient.


The para-shock cord used in the retention system are made to withstand overscretching through repeated use. Combined with the PALS support, the simple clips slide and are secured easily to any PALS/MOLLE-based system. Simply slide the clips into your webbing, then screw in the mounts, no weaving, no buttons, simple and quick.

Grab yours here >> www.laylax.com/products

More product news from LayLax on our blog, can be found here!


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