The ‘little’ brother of AI’s MK13 MOD7 sniper rifle

The AI MK13 Compact may well be smaller, but it retains the same precision while adding more versatility.

AI MK13 Compact

ASG’s MK13 Compact sniper rifle is ideal for upcoming marksmen or seasoned snipers, available in three colourways: Black, Black/Tan and Black/Olive Drab.

The fully licenced MK13 Compact boasts 1.8 joules of power out of the box and also comes packed with a wealth of features such as a smooth-cycling bolt action, a folding buttstock, adjustable cheek rest, multiple QD sling points, 20mm Picatinny optics rail and a CNC-machined, aluminium KeySLOT handguard.

Set your sights right on target with the AI MK13 Compact sniper rifle.

To find out more, visit the ASG website.

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