T.Rex Arms Introduces New and Improved Sidecar 2.0 Holster System

Centerville, TN – T.REX ARMS is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of the industry-standard Sidecar holster: a total redesign making it the slimmest, lightest, and most modular of all flexible AIWB holster systems on the market.

Six years ago, we launched the original Sidecar, a rigid, one-piece holster holding duty gun and spare magazine, made specifically for appendix carry. The industry followed, and a number of companies have built on that design, extending it, and improving on it.

Today, we are further updating this holster with the Spine System, an integral hinge that allows the holster and attachment to flex with the movement of the wearer, providing maximum comfort, but only pivoting on a single axis so the flexibility does not compromise concealability.

The Spine allows for a sleek and simple design, but also the ability to quickly and easily swap out attachments to carry different equipment at customizable ride heights. Current attachments include a pistol mag carrier, rifle mag carrier, tourniquet carrier, and universal handcuff carrier. More attachments are currently in development for unprecedented adaptability of the holster system by the user.

Every holster also includes our new Raptor Wing, an outrigger clip adapter that allows stable carry of the holster without an attachment, in all IWB positions. The wing also has mounting holes that can be used to attach knife sheaths or other tool holders for unlimited extensibility.

In addition to this new flexibility and modularity, the Sidecar redesign adds expanded support for optics and suppressor-height sights and coincides with a complete overhaul of our manufacturing pipeline to improve overall product quality and consistency of fit and finish.

The new Sidecar launches with full ambidextrous support for standard 9mm/.40/.357 Glocks, The S&W M&P and Shield line, Sig P320 and P365 variants, the Walther PPQ and PDP, and FN 509. Light compatibility includes the Surefire X300 and XSC, and the Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-6, and TLR-7 families of lights. Additional weapons and lights are coming soon with CZ and HK support slated for later this year.

Furthermore, the design of this new hinge system has been open-sourced, and CAD drawings and 3D models of parts and tooling can be downloaded here. T.REX ARMS invites the rest of the industry to extend and build upon this latest design as we all work together to serve those who desire to be better equipped to protect themselves and those around them.

For more details, go to >> www.trex-arms.com

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