Grab a Magpul Drum Mag for extended fun!

No matter where you take them, Magpul Drums are the most reliable increased-capacity magazines you can find. Available for your AR, MP5, PCC, Glock, and Scorpion EVO 3 platforms, each PMAG drum boasts advanced features like an easy-to-use loading lever, a height that supports prone firing, and a rear window for instant rounds-remaining awareness.

Magpul Drums

They’re also easy to disassemble and reassemble, so cleanup is a snap. You can find them now at your favorite local Magpul retailer or online at

Get your drums mag at:

Summer of Drums Blend T-Shirts

While you’ve literally got PMAG drums on your mind, grab one of our Summer of Drums Blend T-Shirts and hit the beach. Or the range. Either way, we recently dropped the price on these so, aside from applying that sunscreen, they’re the easiest way to get yourself summertime ready.

Get your drums on shirt at:

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