Currently on Kickstarter Sunray is a web series created by a cast and crew formed of former Royal Marines inspired by real life experiences of war and military life.

Portsmouth, England, November 2020 – UK Armed Forces personnel have been planning and executing their own film project during their downtime. Former Royal Marines turned Royal Navy Photographers: Sam Seeley, Dan Shepherd and James Clarke have been planning the cinematic web series ‘SUNRAY’ since the beginning of lockdown earlier this year.

“We wanted to create a series with realistic tactical action inspired by our own military experiences. There’s already a lot of action films out there but SUNRAY is unique – our actors have lived this life for real and they can draw from their experiences in real conflicts.” – Sam Seeley (SUNRAY production team).

SUNRAY is a human story at heart – it explores the human psyche, how we as human beings are affected by traumatic events and the loss of friends and loved ones. After witnessing a broad-daylight kidnapping we follow Andy (callsign Echo 1 or ‘Sunray’) as he and his team take on a criminal syndicate involved in human trafficking, production of class A drugs, public executions and kidnapping. Having spent their entire lives in military service and struggling to adapt to civilian life, this is all they know and they do it well.

“We used our own money and countless hours of our free time to get this trailer off the ground. We have the whole series planned out and episode one is fully written and good to go. We just need funding to bring the whole series to life.” – James Clarke (SUNRAY production team).

The team have released a self-funded trailer teasing the concept and demonstrating the technical ability to accomplish the project. You can support SUNRAY on Kickstarter by making a pledge to fund the production of the full series.

“After months of writing and planning, we have developed a story that strikes a unique balance between action and the very real struggles faced by many in the military and veteran community. We want to help show people elements of what it means to live in the grey area between operations and the civilian world, all whilst providing a healthy dose of action and excitement!” – Dan Shepherd (SUNRAY production team).

The series is being funded on Kickstarter now to cover the cost of production, you can help make this series a reality and bag yourself some hoofing pledge rewards on Kickstarter at:

For more information, visit the official website >>


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