UF PROs Striker ULT Combat Pants are standouts only when it comes to how they perform in the field.

Designed from the ground up to be remarkably light in weight and to deliver outstanding performance. These combat pants excel in both hot and temperate climates, making them the ideal choice whether your mission takes you to the sun-scorched desert, the steaming jungle environments, or the dense forests of Europe.

Striker ULT Combat Pants


Doesn’t matter whether your mission takes you to a scorching hot desert or a temperate shrubland—these remarkably lightweight combat pants in the new Tan colour is an ideal choice.

Striker ULT Combat Pants


The new MultiCam® Black colour option expands our line-up of high-threat, tactical-situation gear offering the best camouflage patterns designed to meet the requirements of police and military units.


UF PRO >> www.ufpro.com/pants

Triple Action >> www.tripleaction.de

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