Introducing the Strike Picatinny to ARCA Adapter

Perfect for picatinny handguard users with standard tripods or even on binoculars or spotting scopes that have picatinny rails on them. This ARCA rail adapter is lightweight and extremely durable with an aluminum housing and a steel locking latch.

Strike Picatinny to ARCA,

To securely mount your Picatinny to ARCA rail adapter to your pic rail you’ll use two T25 torx screws. This adapter isn’t going anywhere. 

Strike Picatinny to ARCA,

If you already have a good photography tripod with a QD ball head mount, simply mount this Picatinny to ARCA Rail Adapter to your rifle’s handguard and you’ll be able to clip into the ball head just like you normally would with a camera.

Strike Picatinny to ARCA,

Just in case you need to quickly dismount your rifle from a tripod and sling it on your back the adapter also has a single QD point which is perfect for attaching your favorite sling to it.

Strike Picatinny to ARCA,

The picture above shows how you can identify which holes have which threads. 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads are the most common sizes among commercial tripods for photography and video. The QD socket is for attaching a QD sling loop. 


Get your Strike Picatinny to ARCA Rail Adapter today to start your PRS journey.

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