A/T Optic Risers Offer You A More Capable Platform

The A/T Optic Riser is ideal for layering magnifiers and other enhancement systems with red dot optics. BCM A/T Risers offer the potential for a more capable platform that can improve threat identification in complex settings. Keep scrolling to see the other impressive features of the A/T Optic Riser.

A/T Optic Riser

Optimized for close combat ranges, the BCM A/T Riser creates a platform that raises the centerline of attached optics and magnifiers by approximately 1/2 inch. This additional height enhances the trained end user’s situational awareness, and further, makes it possible for them to take better aimed shots if they are using the optic in conjunction with night vision or other PPE systems.  

A/T Optic Riser

A/T (Angled Torque) mounts employ angled torque through a patented clamp which applies triangulating force to create a stronger and more reliable lock up of the mount onto the end user’s rail. 

To retain the hardware in field conditions, this system uses a serrated locking spring-washer to prevent the loss of torque on the shaft nut. 

A/T Optic Riser

With an equivalent load applied, the A/T Mount delivers approximately twice the clamping force at the picatinny rail, versus a legacy horizontal interface. 

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