Throwback Thursday to a classic of it´s own!

We found this article over at The Armory Life page and thought, it´s perfect for an #throwbackthursday share here today. Keep reading the teaser and head over to their website to watch the video and read the full article too.

When it comes to the history of machine guns, they were often too big for one man to carry. They could put out a lot of firepower, but early machine guns like the Maxim gun and the Browning machine guns could take anywhere from two to four people to move and operate.. The M60 was designed to deliver a light and portable machine gun that could be operated and fired by a single person.

As you got closer to World War II, the world saw the introduction of more mobile and lightweight machine guns like the infamous MG42 (also known as Hitler’s buzzsaw) that fired a stunning 1,100 to 1,200 rounds per minute. That gun was significantly smaller and lighter than earlier machine guns, but still wasn’t able to be carried and used by just one man. This led to the invention of the M60 machine gun.

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