Shield Sights, Pioneer of Compact Micro Red Dot Optics Is Pleased to Announce the New “Glass Edition” RMSc.

Dorset, England, U.K. – Shield Sights, Pioneer of compact micro red dot optics is pleased to announce it is teaming up with legendary Glock Inc.

to present the new “Glass Edition” RMSc. The Glass Edition of our RMSc standardizes the popular, ultra clear and scratch resistant glass lens that was previously only available as a custom option. The new Glass Edition also features a strengthened lens housing and upgraded electronics with improved battery contacts to further enhance reliability under all conditions.


“Collaborating with great companies such as Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Walther, Canik, and Sig Sauer on creating subcompact optic ready platforms has been a strengthening experience for our brand and has driven users to recognize our unique features and the high quality products that we offer,” said James White, CEO Shield Sights.

“I feel the latest collaboration with a company I respect greatly, Glock inc., solidifies the Shield footprint as the new industry standard for sub-compact optic ready pistols.”

RMSc Glass Edition Features:

  • Shield footprint
  • All glass lens
  • Strengthened lens housing
  • Updated electronics
  • 4 MOA and 8 MOA dot options
  • 1-3 year battery life

MSRP: $500

The RMSc Glass edition is currently available for sale through the Shield dealer network or on the Shield website:

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