New review is out from Kireru!

Our good friend Thomas over at Kireru: Disruptive Society got his hands on the Combat Systems Sentinel Carrier and put a very detailed review together for you to watch. Enjoy it!

Let’s take a totally none-operator civilian look at the Sentinel Plate Carrier by Combat Systems In this video I give a run down of the PC. Talking over some of its design features, while showing what happened during a stress test of the polymer ROC buckles. The slick looking PC, from Combat Systems is both comfortable and affordable. With all its Hypalon laser cuts, customizing the PC to fit your needs is easy. The Sentinel is a great and very comfortable Plate Carrier designed around a quick release system, using the ROC buckles.

If you’ve made it this far and wasn’t put off with the buckle issue in the video, go check out the Sentinel from Combat Systems:

Grab yours here >>


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