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Savannah River Armory launches a funding campaign on indiegogo to continue producing the Uncertain Tomorrow Webseries.

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Savannah River Armory, Inc. A small firearms manufacturing company located in Augusta, Georgia. Launched a webisode series titled Training for an Uncertain Tomorrow last year. The series is based around the simple question, “What would you do if you were faced with the end of the civilized world?” The launch was a hit and accumulated a wealth of interest. Unfortunately, funding fell short and the series was put on hold after only the first episode.

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Thanks to Savannah River Armory rapid growth over the past year, their followers are demanding its continuance. Savannah River Armory have recently entered the planning phase, but plans cannot be solidified without funding! Wth that in mind Savannah River Armory launched a funding campaign to continue producing the webseries on

Check out the Uncertain Tomorrow Webseries funding campaign HERE.

About Savannah River Armory

Patriot Owned. Veteran Operated. This isn’t only a slogan for us, Savannah River Armory, Inc. is owned by former law enforcement officer and private investigator, Alex Chilton. Our staff is comprised of the best our nation has to offer. All cadre and shop employees are former and current military veterans who share a passion for giving back to the people of the United States.

Savannah River Armory, Inc. was incorporated April 2013, and opened it’s doors in May of 2013. Located in Augusta, GA , SRA is the only class VII manufacturer serving the C.S.R.A. (Central Savannah River Area). Prior to the existence of SRA, the C.S.R.A. had experienced nothing on the level of customization from a “firearms dealer” before.

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