Get to know – the Equipment Locking System

The ELS (Equipment Locking System) Kit provides a mounting platform for 2-hole pattern accessories to be placed in various locations, including belt clips, tactical rigs, or directly in MOLLE loops (with the addition of an MLS16 Locking Fork).

Equipment Locking System


The kit is popular with military operators and competitive shooters. The kits are also gaining a new appreciation with duty officers, who use them on leg shrouds to swap out OC pouches and extra mag pouches.


  • Two-part Fork and Plate system that provides a mounting platform for 2-hole pattern accessories
  • Designed for quick attachment and detachment of accessories
  • Offers very small receiver footprint
  • Customizable mount options


Does the ELS work with holsters?

No, the ELS only works with the tactical mount option accessories with rear T-nut mounts on the back. This includes various pouches and accessories. Specific models the ELS can be used with but are not limited to include:

  • Mag Pouches/ Pistol & Rifle: model 76, 77, 78, 79, 775, 777, 774, 771, 773, & 71 universal pouches.
  • OC Spray holders like the model 37, 38
  • Cuff Cases like the model 190
  • Flashlight holders like the model 306
  • Baton Holders like the model 35
  • Radio Holders like the model 766
  • As well as options like the 744BL, leg shrouds, the MLS16 MOLLE Accessory fork, and competition shooting accessories

Who are the best candidates to use the ELS?

The ELS kit is a very popular with competitive shooters, military, duty officers, and tactical shooters. The unique ability to interchange for equipment needs in the field is unparalleled. The ELS has grown from just being used by competition shooters, to being part of tactical kits for law enforcement and military units. This allows the equipment needed for mission specific tasks to be quickly setup without having to have multiple belts or mount systems, working with the placement most comfortable to users.

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