How to Paint Your Rifle – Pro tip from Travis

After spending a good amount of money on a life-saving tool, applying paint may seem like a drastic step rife with opportunity to mess it up or reduce its reliability. So why do we paint our rifles? As with most things, form follows function. We paint our rifles for the same reason we wear camouflage, to blend in with the environment. An unpainted rifle will generally have a much higher flash signature due to the reflective metal surfaces. In addition, depending on the paint selected, you may be able to improve, and thus reduce, your rifle’s thermal signature.

Rifle Paint Job with TRAVIS HALEY

Finally, painting your rifle makes it your own. As the Rifleman’s Creed states, “There are many rifles, but this one is mine.” Taking the time to learn your weapon system, make it work the way you need it to, and then painting it to make it fit your environment and operational needs is a meditative process that creates a rifle unique to your purpose.

Rifle Paint Job with TRAVIS HALEY

In this video we break down the steps necessary for painting a rifle.

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