Hong Kong, November 6, 2012. PTS Management Group is honored and thrilled to organize a social event, named PTS Go- Season One: FPG adventure, on 25 November at CQB Plaza in Kwun Tong. The aim for this function is to strengthen the social connection amongst the airsoft community and to explore new business prospect. With our enthusiastic and innovative intention, PTS Go is designed as an array of social functions for airsoft-related communities. Each season will develop different themes and messages for the purpose of flourishing a social platform for airsoft groups and preferably expanding business progress towards miscellaneous industries.
As the name implies, FPG Adventure is the mission-based tournament by using FPG. The scenario of the tournament is to rescue hostage with FPG in a professional and heroic manner. All operators in the game are requested to wear smart causal instead of traditional camouflage. Meanwhile, there is products exhibition from different companies introducing their brands and product categories ; alongside with the product exhibition, silence auction will be hosted at the rest area. All guests and participants are welcome to bid on the selective items. All the revenue will be donated to charity, such as Red Cross and ORBIS . This can improve and rebrand the image of Airsoft community in a charitable and benevolent manner.
During the event, refreshment will be served at the rest area. Participants and guests are all welcome to enjoy the refreshment while exploring the product categories. Not only do the guests learn different products, but also take pleasure in the audacious competition. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we can successfully arrange this social function providing with equipment and a variety of luxurious prize. Indeed, this social event is regarded as pioneering experience by teaming up with prominent sponsors to congregate network and to create business opportunity.



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