EPM1 is arriving at PTS very soon! The Most advanced and highest capacity AEG magazine.

The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine ONE, or EPM1, is the most advanced and highest capacity spring loaded AEG magazine ever produced. Aptly named the EPM1, the magazine is the FIRST in many ways:

– The EPM1 is the First collaborative development between PTS and Odin Innovations.
-The EPM1 is the First spring loaded AEG magazine to rival the capacity of a high cap mag with an approximate 250 bb capacity.
-The EPM1 is the First AEG magazine with a “Fuel Gauge” window to indicate full or remaining bb load.
-The EPM1 is the First magazine to reliably achieve both high load capacity and high rate of fire performance.


– Dupont Zytel® polymer shell
– 250 BBs capacity
– Orange mag level indicator
– High efficiency compression spring
– Low friction internal shell
– Unique magazine mag well guide that reduce snagging
– EP dot pattern texture for better grip
– New polymer baseplate with angled surface and dot matrix
– New design follower prevents bbs jam


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USA >> www.ptssyndicate.us/authorized-dealers

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