PTS – EP Hand Stop is now available!

The PTS Enhanced Polymer Hand Stop for M-LOK rails can be used as a light weight, low profile index point on the rail for improved rifle control or as a forward stop on short rifles or submachine guns to prevent the shooter’s hand from covering the muzzle. For enhanced comfort, the PTS Enhanced Polymer Hand Stop also features rounded surface edges. The EP dot pattern texture on the front side provides better traction or “bite” if used as a barricade stop.

Feature & Specification:

• Compatibility – M-LOK Mounting Hand Guard
• Material: Reinforced Polymer
• Color: Black / Dark Earth
• Weight: 11g
• Product Size: 40 x 27 x 19 mm (approx. without packaging)

Item Code:

PT184450307 (Black)
PT184450313 (Dark Earth)

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