Gunfire Airsoft Announces the arrival of the licensed Polymer P80, Poseidon Orion No. 2 Combat Airsoft GBB Pistol to their shop.

The Taiwanese company Poseidon, known for it’s production of high-quality parts for GBB replicas, created a replica of the Orion class pistol, continuing the traditions of the previous EVO model. The current version is based on the latest technical solutions, offering a completely new system.

The Orion No. 2 Combat combines all of the features of a blowback-type airsoft pistol in one attractive package. Starting with the licensed Polymer P80 grip, which is extremely popular in the world of firearms. The grip is light, durable and very comfortable to hold. On the underside in the front part is a RIS rail with four slots, allowing you to mount a tactical lighting or laser sights. It was also equipped with an enlarged magazine release, improving the reload speed. Aluminum CNC slide with special cutouts to reduce its weight and to give it a more aggressive look. In addition, it is adapted to the mounting of the mounting plate to the RMR type sight, which is currently popular in all modern pistols. You can also choose between Semi and Auto mode by pressing the orange switch located inside the rear of the slide. The pre-threaded barrel requires an adapter for 14mm CCW suppressors, but it’s also adapted for those with an 11mm CW male thread (Acetech Lighter R for example).

As far as airsoft pistols go, the Orion is unrivaled. The undercut trigger guard and aggressive texturing of the grip give you full control of the pistol in all weather conditions, with or without gloves. The installed Cyclop pack ensures fast aiming in CQB encounters. A conventional 3-point sight pack is also included in the set. Poseidon used parts and accessories to make it one of the best gas-powered pistols available on the airsoft market. The AIR CUSHION barrel with a diameter of 6.03mm, directs the gas flow from the pistol in order to increase the energy of spinning and centering the BB in the barrel. A wider hop-up adjustment was also used to ensure a more even pressure on the BB for increased accuracy. A specially constructed nozzle, similar to those known from long GBB replicas, contains the famous ICE PICK valve, the design of which ensures proper operation of the replica in a wider temperature range than typical gas-powered pistols.

The magazine included in the set holds 25 BBs, and has been equipped with an enlarged magazine base where the valve for green gas charging is located. The producer published a video in which they fired more than 50 magazines from the Orion Combat replica without freezing it (of course, nothing can prevent the magazines from freezing).

Orion Combat is a fantastic choice for beginners and veterans alike, providing an advanced, efficient pistol for training or airsoft games.

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